Destiny 2 Clan Banner Creator

How to create and customize your Destiny 2 Clan Banner.

Destiny 2 is so close we can almost taste it. With the Destiny 2 PC Beta rolling onto our PCs in a matter of hours, players are going to want to rep their Clans and show their true colors. Thankfully, Bungie have implemented the new Clan Banner feature just in time!

How to Create a Clan Banner

Make sure you have permission to change the Clan Banner.

Creating a Clan Banner for Destiny 2 is important if you want to stand out from other players and give your group of friends a standard to take into battle. Before you can create a Clan Banner, you must ensure you are in a Clan and have permission to edit the Clan Banner.

A Clan Founder and Admin have the right to edit the Clan Banner, while other Members are limited to only viewing the Banner. If you aren’t a Founder or Admin, consider asking to be promoted or make suggestions to the Admin or Founder about how you want the Banner to look.

There are a few settings that can be changed, so long as you're an Admin or Founder.

From the home page, ensure you are signed in and then click “Clan” up the top left. This will take you to your Clan where you can find the Banner editing tools.

Choose from a variety of Emblems and Details to create a Banner that matches your Clan's personality.

On the left, click “Settings” and then “Edit Banner” on the right. This is where you can choose the Banner Emblem, Emblem Color (Foreground and Background), Banner Detail, and the Detail Color and Banner Color. All you need to do is get creative and have fun!

Once you've settled on your design, make sure you save it. You can edit your Clan Banner whenever you like, which is great if your tastes change or your friends want something different. Now that you have your Clan Banner sorted, other players will be able to recognize you through Guided Games and your Clan will be able to earn rewards! Make sure you keep an eye out in the PC Beta for some of the fastest time-to-kill weapons in Destiny 2!

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