Best iPhone and iPad Black Friday Deals 2017

The top discounts for Apple's iPhone and iPad on Black Friday.

Everybody loves Black Friday, but Apple walks to its own beat, so the Cupertino tech giant tends not to offer outrageous discounts on its premium product lines. That's not to say Apple doesn't do discounts at this time of year, though, while other retailers who sell Apple products often take matters into their own hands too. Here's a look at the best iPhone and iPad Black Friday deals for 2017.

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Best Buy iPhone and iPad deals - Black Friday 2017

Best Buy has already shown off its iPhone and iPad deals for Black Friday 2017, and there's an opportunity to save money on some recent models as well as older - and still very powerful - products. Check them out:

Target iPhone and iPad deals - Black Friday 2017

Target also has a bunch of discounts on iPhones and iPads, with deals set to start on November 24. Here are some of their best:

  • iPhone SE No Contract w/Total Wireless - $99.99 ($60 savings)
  • iPad 10.5-inch - $529.99 ($120 savings)
  • iPad Mini 4 - $399.99 iPad 32GB - $249.99 ($80 savings)
  • Free $250 Target Gift Card w/Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus activation (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon)

WalMart iPhone and iPad deals - Black Friday 2017

WalMart plans to cut prices on iPhone 6 and the iPad 5th Gen model on November 24, so watch out for these bargains on Black Friday:

  • iPhone 6 on Straight Talk Wireless - $129.99
  • iPad 5th Gen - $249.99

Sam's Club iPad deals - Black Friday 2017

Sam's Club have snuck and iPad deal into their Black Friday list. Here's what they've got on offer:

  • Apple iPad 5th Gen - $327.99

Apple's one-day Black Friday event

Apple itself ran a special 24-hour sales promotion last Black Friday, so we're hoping we'll see something like that again. It wasn't Apple products themselves that were discounted, mind you, but instead buyers would receive Apple gift cards along with their purchases that could be spent on... more Apple products. Those crazy kids. Here's the Apple gift card offers that were included in last year's promotion:

  • iPad Pro: $100
  • iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4: $50
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: $50
  • iPhone SE: $25

Hopefully we'll see a more expansive approach from Apple for Black Friday 2017.


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