Help Bungie Support Houston Relief

Guardians can save lives in the real world through the Bungie Store.

Hurricane Harvey has cause a devastating amount of damage to Texas, and Houston in particular, and the Destiny community has an opportunity to help out in the wake of the storm.

The Bungie Foundation has helped numerous causes in the past, and they are at it again for Texas relief. In a news post on, Deej announced how Destiny fans can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Bungie Foundation is partnering with Direct Relief, much like they did with Nepal, and you can make a direct donation to the effort here.

You can also help out through the Bungie Store by buying a special pin, with all profits going directly to storm relief. Your purchase will also come with a code to unlock an emblem in Destiny 2, shown below.

The Destiny community was already looking to help out those affected by the storm, as seen in this reddit post about Destiny 2's Pop-Tart promotion. The idea is for Guardians to buy Pop-Tarts for in game XP, but donate the actual food for disaster relief. 

There are many ways to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey, please do what you can.

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