Top 10 Highest Win Rate Tanks in August

Discover the highest Win Rate Tanks of August.

Similarly to July’s edition, we’re taking a look at the highest Win Rate Tanks from the past month. Win rate is a statistic acknowledged as being reflective of personal skill by many – so if you don’t want to look like a complete tomato, you might want to read in.

These figures will be drawn from, and will refer solely to Tier 6-10 vehicles on the NA server. Unobtainable or “rare” Premium and Reward Tanks will not be included, and neither will tanks with small sample sizes. Tanks which aren’t currently on sale, but will likely be on again in the future, will be however. We’ll be starting at the bottom of the list, and make our way up.


The renowned king of Tier 7 Mediums around these parts, we once again have the Panther/M10 making an appearance.

As mentioned in many articles, such as my list of the 7 Most Underrated Premium Tanks, the Panther/M10 was recently buffed to an excellent standard while retaining its preferential Matchmaking, making it simply God-tier. The statistics back this up, with the M10 achieving a 53.05% average Win Rate on the NA server throughout August.


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