Best 4K TV Deals for Cyber Monday 2017

Find the best 4K deals on Cyber Monday 2017.

Is this your year to finally join the 4K party? Cyber Monday 2017 certainly seems like the time to do it. The time for affordable 4K TVs has arrived, and 4K content is increasingly more available. But Cyber Monday, which falls on November 27 this year, can be a confusing time with retailers throwing numbers all over the pace. Check out our Cyber Monday 2017 guide for all you need to know.

What is a 4K TV?

4K sets have four times the amount of pixels compared to the sad 1080p sets of the distant past. Most 4K TVs also have High Dynamic Range technology (HDR), which may be even more noticeable than the resolution for most viewers. HDR is capable of more vivid, accurate, colors.

4K is not the widely adopted format yet, which means there are still some growing pains to adore. Most important, although there is now a variety of 4K content available, there are still a lot of services out there that do not offer 4K. Since this is a gaming site, you will need a PlayStation 4 Pro of Xbox One X to get any gaming benefit from your new 4K set. Amazon and Netflix offer 4K as well, but not every show is available in it.

One last thing to consider is the size of your screen. Unless you plan on getting something in the 60 to 70” range, or you plan on sitting close to your TV, you may not get the benefit of 4K. If your couch is over 10 feet away from your TV and you plan on simply swapping your 50” 1080 for a 50” 4K, you probably won’t see much of a difference.

Should I buy a 4K TV on Cyber Monday?

If you are still set on 4K, then Cyber Monday 2017 will be a good time to dive in. The discounts will be significant, and plenty of new 4K content is on the way thanks to Xbox One X and PS4 Pro getting a larger install base.

If you are the most patient person in the world however, waiting another year will see an even bigger price drop. OLED is on the rise with an even better picture than LED provides, and Sharp just released an 8K TV!

Of course, waiting even longer will mean you should wait for the next thing again. You may always be waiting! If you like 4K and find a great deal, and can afford it, Cyber Monday 2017 is as good a time as ever to pick up a 4K set.

Which 4K TV should I buy on Cyber Monday?

While we do not know which TVs will go on sale for Cyber Monday, there are a few things to look out for when shopping. Stick to the major brands like Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, LG an Samsung. Off brand models may seem like a good deal, but you may be throwing it soon after purchase. A second option to look out for is the upscale technology, which converts a 1080 signal to 4K. The better the upscaler, the better your TV will look in the near future while the rest of the content industry shifts to 4K.

The best 4K TV deals of last Cyber Monday

Last Cyber Monday brought some amazing deals, but Cyber Monday 2017 will see the prices drop even more.


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