Destiny 2: How to Get Bright Engrams

Unlock loot by getting Bright Engrams in Destiny 2.

This guide will show you the fastest way to unlock Bright Engrams in Destiny 2, and you may not like it. By far the fastest way to unlock Bright Engrams in Destiny 2 is to spend real world money to unlock them. However, there are a few ways to unlock Bright Engrams in Destiny 2 without paying. Read on to find out how to earn Bright Engrams in Destiny 2.

How to Get Bright Engrams

Bright Engrams are an end game feature, meaning you will have to be level 20 to use them. Even if you want to pay for them, you will need to be level 20 before you are allowed to buy the Silver required for unlocking Bright Engrams.

Once you do hit level 20, you will be able to purchase a Bright Engram for 200 Silver, a package of 3 Bright Engrams for 500 Silver or a package of 6 Bright Engrams for 800 Silver. Bright Engrams can be bought from Tess Everis, on The Farm.

100 Silver is just about equivalent to $1 US dollar, though you have to buy Silver in packs. The more Silver you buy at a time, the more you get per dollar.

How to Get Bright Engrams Without Paying

Fortunately, you will earn one Bright Engram for each level you hit after level 20. Instead of a Mote of Light, which was earned in Destiny 1, players will get a Bright Engram. In our early testing, we noticed that PvE activities grant a bit more XP compared to PvP ones at this stage. So if you want to want earn the most XP after level 20, stick to Strikes and Patrol missions. However, the difference in XP earned is not that much, so playing PvP to earn Bright Engrams will also work, just slightly slower.

Bright Engrams can not be decrypted by the Cryptarch, so you will still need to head over to Tess to unlock them.

What is in Bright Engrams?

Bright Engrams contain Exotic Sparrows, Emotes, Armor Pieces and other cosmetic items. A variety of dances are available, as are Sparrows that look cool but are not special outside of their appearance. Bright Engrams are random and there does not appear to be a way to unlock the items contained inside individually, so be prepared to open a lot if you want a specific item.

If Bright Engrams are earned as fast as Motes of Light, and it looks like they are, we should all have more than we know what to do with in a few months.

For more on Destiny 2, including how to rank up to 20 fast and start earning Bright Engrams, check out our Destiny 2 Guide hub.

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