Destiny 2 - How to Earn Upgrade Points

Level up your subclass in Destiny 2.

Unlocking your subclass in Destiny 2 is no longer a matter of XP, now you need Upgrade Points. Unlocking Upgrade Points is simple, but you may want to spend them wisely to avoid a grind later. Read on to find out how to get Upgrade Points in Destiny 2.

How to get Upgrade Points in Destiny 2

Upgrade Points are earned each time you rank up a level, from 1 to 20. Each new level will give you 1 Upgrade Point. You can then use these points to unlock a perk from your subclass skill tree. We have complete guides for every subclass over in our Destiny 2 guide hub.

The fastest way to unlock Upgrade Points in Destiny 2 is by playing the campaign. At the end of the campaign, you should be near level 20 and have 30 Upgrade Points. If you like the subclass you start out with, don’t be afraid to spend your points. Each subclass has 16 upgrade slots, so you can fully kit out your subclass and still have 4 Upgrade Points left over for your next one.

When moving to the next subclass, your jump and grenades will already be unlocked, so your 4 Upgrade Points can be spent on an entire perk tree. If you do not see yourself using both perk trees on any of your subclasses, for example you only like the Attunement of Sky on the Dawnblade, feel free to only spend your Upgrade Points on those skills. Then you will have 8 Upgrade Points left over for your next subclass.

Unlocking Upgrade Points after Level 20

Unfortunately, you cannot unlock every subclass perk just by leveling. The other way to earn Upgrade Points is by completing Adventures. There may be more ways, but Adventures will definitely have a chance to drop an Upgrade Point. It is currently unknown how to unlock Upgrade Points the quickest after level 20, but we will let you know as soon as we find a way. For now, head to the EDZ and start fighting to earn more Upgrade Points.

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