Destiny 2 - What Is Well Rested?

There’s a new buff in Destiny 2 and it’s called Well Rested.

There’s a lot of new things in Destiny 2, new subclasses, new guns, new story, and odd new buffs. One new addition that is garnering a lot of attention online is a buff called “Well Rested”. This appears next to your character when you’re looking at your weapons and armor. But the question is, what does Well Rested do?

What is Well Rested Buff

The Well Rested buff is given to players on the Weekly Reset of Destiny 2, every single week. That means every Tuesday at reset time (wherever that is in your corner of the world), when you log into Destiny, you will get your Well Rested buff.

This buff increases the amount of experience points you earn for everything you do, for the first three levels. What this means is, killing a Dreg is now worth three times as much XP, completing a Public Event is three times as much XP, finishing a Strike or Crucible match is three times as much XP – you get it. However, this is only for the first three Levels of the week.

Once you reach Level 20, you continue to earn experience regardless of the fact you have no more levels to reach. Instead of leveling, you receive a Bright Engram every time you fill the experience bar. Therefore, the Well Rested buff increases how much experience you earn by 3x, for the first three Bright Engrams you earn each week (provided you’re Level 20).

If you’re yet to reach Level 20, the Well Rested buff will just help you level up your character three times far quicker than you would usually level. At the start of each reset, try coupling Fireteam Medallions with the Well Rested buff to earn a lot of XP in a very short amount of time.

In the event you’re trying to level a second character and don’t want to grind it out, jump on your second or third character at reset and use the Well Rested buff to quickly jump up the levels.

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