Square Enix Reveals New Title at TGS

Check out the reveal trailer for Left Alive, Square Enix's new game from former Metal Gear and Armored Core developers.

Square Enix has revealed a new game during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show. Left Alive, an action shooter with survival elements, will be released on PS4 and Steam in 2018.

A who’s who of Japanese developers are working on Left Alive, which Square says will take place in a gritty world. Yoji Shinkawa, of Metal Gear fame, will design the characters for Left Alive, while Toshifumi Nabeshima from Armored Core will helm the project. Also pitching in are former Metal Gear dev Takayuki Yanase, and Final Fantasy Producer Shinji Hasimoto.

Expect more info later this week as the Tokyo Game Show continues, but you can check out the reveal trailer below while you wait.

The game actually looks a bit like a combination of Armored Core and Metal Gear, which is fine with us. Also, hard to ignore that Modern Warfare-esque radar graphic at the end.


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