Destiny 2 - Nightfall Timewarp Anomaly

What are the Anomalies in Nightfall and where to find them.

The difficulty level of the Nightfall Strikes have been increased in Destiny 2, as they now come with an in-built timer, and if you run out the clock, the Nightfall finishes. To combat this, players can use the Timewarp modifier to add precious seconds to the clock. One such version of the Timewarp are Anomalies, which can prove difficult to find, especially while under the pump of the timer.

Nightfall Timewarp Anomalies

The Anomalies associated with the Timewarp modifier during a Nightfall are blue, glowing, Vex boxes that resemble the Oracles from Destiny 1. These are often located in hard-to-reach locations, such as down bottomless pits or tucked around corners. You will need to keep your eyes and ears open if you want to locate these Anomalies.

Anomalies are easy to find in dark locations, as their blue glow will light up the surrounding area, however when you’re outside, they will be difficult to track down. In the Exodus Crash Nightfall, several Anomalies appear in the very beginning area. To find these, you will need to progress forward over the cliffs and turn around, a lot of them will be tucked up beneath ramps.

For every Anomaly you destroy, you will add 30 seconds to the timer, which is important if you’re looking to complete the Rat King Exotic quest or finish one of the Nightfall Challenges of the week. It can be a good idea to have one teammate focus on rounding up any remaining Anomalies when an area is clear, while the other two press forward to the next encounter.

So far there have been three different Timewarp modifiers for the Destiny 2 Nightfalls: Killing Time, Rings, and Anomalies. It appears as if each of the Strikes will have a different kind of Timewarp, so be sure to check back to learn how to tackle the next Nightfall Timewarp modifier!

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