Destiny 2 Factions Return with New Activities

Faction Rallies introduces a new reward system for Destiny 2.

Faction Rallies is a new activity coming to Destiny 2 that allows players to pick and fight for a side for a chance at special rewards. Factions have always been a part of Destiny, though in an understated way in the first game. Factions were merely a way to collect exclusive shaders, ships, and some armor sets not available elsewhere – but that’s all about to change.

Beginning on September 26, Guardians will be able to pledge their allegiance to one of three Factions: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, or New Monarchy. Over the course of a week, players will be competing with the other Factions in an attempt to earn the most points, and ending October 3, the Faction that earned the most will be selling a powerful weapon.

Future War Cult has a few good items on offer, plus, they have a sweet new hangout location.
Future War Cult has a few good items on offer, plus, they have a sweet new hangout location.

Guardians who had pledged to that particular Faction will be able to purchase it for the low cost of 1,000 Glimmer, whereas if the players who pledged to the other Factions want the weapon, they will need to pay 50,000 Glimmer – not a small sum. Although, if you want to work around this, simply make three characters and pledge to each one – so it’s really no big deal.

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The Legendary weapons the Factions will be offering as a reward are:

  • Dead Orbit – Scout Rifle
  • Future War Cult – Pulse Rifle
  • New Monarchy – Sidearm

If none of these weapons interest you, don’t worry, because as you help collect resources for your Faction, you will also receive tokens that you can turn in for reward packages, which can contain weapons, armor, and shaders.

So on Destiny 2 reset, be sure to head to Future War Cult and pledge your allegiance to Lakshmi-2. You can find her chilling out in a funky new pad near the Hangar. Dead Orbit and New Monarchy are somewhere else, but really, who cares about them?

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