What's Xur Selling in Destiny 2?

Here’s what Xur’s selling on October 6.

Another Friday, another Xur day. For those of us who are still hunting those last few Exotic weapons or armor pieces, Xur’s arrival in Destiny 2 is a point of excitement every week. However, it’s always a bit of a coin toss as to whether he’ll have something you need or another item you’ve already managed to luck-out and acquire.

For this weekend, October 6, Xur can be found in the Winding Cove on the European Dead Zone. Make sure to bring your Legendary Shards with you, because he has a few interesting pieces for sale.

  • Exotic Weapon: Vigilance Wing.
  • Hunter Helmet: Foetracer
  • Titan Helmet: An Insurmountable Skullfort
  • Warlock Helmet: Nezarec’s Sin

Vigilance Wing is worth picking up if you haven’t received it already. As far as Pulse Rifles go, it offers a unique firing mode, able to spurt out a 5-round burst. This means it has quite a kick, and requires a steady hand in order to make the shots connect.

The 5-round burst from Vigilance Wing decimates opponents in the Crucible.
The 5-round burst from Vigilance Wing decimates opponents in the Crucible.

The Hunter’s Foetracer helmet allows you to deal more damage to a highlighted target when it’s on low health. This is exceptionally powerful in Crucible when your team is able to fire on the same enemy at once.

An Insurmountable Skullfort returns from the first Destiny game, but this time kills with Arc melee abilities trigger health regeneration and restore melee energy. Striker Titans will have a blast punching large groups of minions to death, as you can effectively keep your health levels full.

For the Void Warlocks out there, Nezarec’s Sin is a helmet worth investing in. Void-damage kills increase ability recharge rate, so any void weapons or void abilities used to defeat enemies will help recharge your attacks.

Overall, Xur’s stock is pretty decent this week, and if you can afford it, consider picking up each of the items.

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