PUBG is About to Hit 2 Million Concurrent Players

The PUBG phenomenon continues to impress.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is constantly breaking records, and now, it’s on the brink of reaching 2 million concurrent players. This is a truly unprecedented achievement for an Early Access game, as it isn’t technically a full product. But it seems as if PUBG doesn’t give a damn about what the odds are, it’s just going to smash records.

This time last month, PUBG had managed to maintain a concurrent peak player count of one million players for a week straight, a feat not even a Valve-owned product could achieve. Even back when PUBG was starting to approach the one million mark, people were astounded at its record-breaking nature, but there’s really no telling how far the game will go.

Finding a match seems like it will never be a problem during PUBG's lifetime.
Finding a match seems like it will never be a problem during PUBG's lifetime, thanks to the ever-growing playerbase.

As it stands, PUBG has already sold over 13 million copies, according to Business Insider, and that number is only going to increase once it hits Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Although, the true testament is that almost 2 million players are actively playing the game at any one time, even if the servers continually struggle with the load.

There’s no telling when the PUBG gravy train will slow down, though there are probably people taking bets on what number it will hit at its height. If I was a betting man – and only taking into account Steam players – I’d wager a 3 million concurrent player peak. What do you think?

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