Middle-earth: Shadow of War's free content schedule has goodies through December

Gimme more-dor.

Shadow of War has let us know the days its free updates will be landing in Middle-earth with a DLC schedule.

Other than the three DLC that are part of the season pass, there’s a bunch of free stuff to come in the coming weeks and into December.

First is Endless Sieges, a sort of infinite survival form of the endgame’s Shadow Wars, arrives on November 21, alongside Rebellion – a game mode described as: “crush the rebel Ologs and Uruks in your forces as they seek to undermine the Bright Lord”.

The November 21 update will also introduce a better photo mode with filters, frames and textures to bring some pizzazz to your pics.

On December 5, Online Fight Pits arrive allowing you to challenge other players’ Orcs in an Overlord vs Overlord fight to the death in the arena. This is basically you being a gladiator pit boss, earning rewards and upgrades if your chosen Orc slave wins.

And then on December 12 the final difficulty, Brutal Difficulty, unlocks if you want to try something even harder than Nemesis. There are no last chances. Good luck.


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