New Overwatch hero is a science-enhanced hamster in a murderball

Blizzard, baby, what you doing?

The teasing of Overwatch's latest hero is over uncharacteristically quickly as Blizzard just...tweeted it out. It's a hamster in a murderous drone ball.

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Hints of the new hero appeared earlier this month as a ball-like warbot trundled past an alley with posters for Horizon and space in a teaser called "Calm before the storm".

The storm has now arrived as the Overwatch twitter account tweeted out the murderous drone in full, before zooming in on its pilot, a hamster with omnic implants similar to Winston's.

We get it, it's a hamster in a ball. And obviously they weren't just experimenting on gorillas up there on the Horizon moon base, but wow, that's quite the quick transfer from tease to reveal. I guess the days of 7-month-long Sombre ARGs are over (thank god).

The prevailing fan theories are that the hamster is named Hammond. We're glad someone at Blizzard is being paid a large amount of money to do their job. What do you think our new hamster hero will do, other than roll around and shoot stuff? Leave your comments below.


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