Watch 20 minutes of Anthem gameplay

Lead Producer Ben Irving talks you through a complete mission walkthrough

Bioware has released its most in-depth look yet at upcoming co-operative action game Anthem. In the 20 minute demonstration, lead producer Ben Irving leads a team through a mission called "Scars & Villainy", showcasing the different gameplay systems as he goes.

Grab a sandwich and take a look.

It's fair to say there's been some skepticism regarding Anthem, and in particular the way it sees RPG specialist Bioware shifting into an always-online action sandbox genre already populated by the likes of Destiny. There's lots to like in this video however. It looks stunning, there's no shortage of stuff to do, and we're particularly taken with the way the world interacts, using waterfalls to cool down overheating jets while in flight for example.

Anthem is heading our way on February 22 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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