How to make the Shotgun in Granny

Learn how to find and build the shotgun parts into a weapon to use in the horror game Granny on iOS and Android.

Indie horror game Granny has proven insanely popular on Android and iOS, and it’s pretty darned difficult too. Escaping from your aggressive old relative requires finding a fiendish combination of items and putting them to use around the house. Those exploring thoroughly are sure to have stumbled across one or two tantalizing shotgun parts, and if games have taught us anything, it’s that getting our hands on a shotgun is always a good idea. Not only does this weapon help to stave off Granny for a time letting you roam the house freely, it can also be used to obtain the screwdriver, one of the items crucial to escaping the house. In this article we’ll teach you how to make the Shotgun in Granny.

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There are three parts to find © DVloper
There are three parts to find © DVloper

How to make the Shotgun in Granny

To make the Shotgun, you first need to find each of the Shotgun parts. Item spawns are randomized between five set arrangements. You can read the full item arrangements and room descriptions in our guide on how to beat Granny, but the possible shotgun part locations are listed below:

Arrangement one:

  1. Kitchen - wardrobe
  2. Bedroom 2 - under drawers
  3. Basement - barrels

Arrangement two:

  1. Living room - TV shelves
  2. Baby Room - desk
  3. Backyard - shed

Arrangement three:

  1. Garage - car hood
  2. Kitchen - cupboard
  3. Teddy Room

Arrangement four:

  1. Teddy Room
  2. Garage - car glovebox
  3. Backyard - guillotine

Arrangement five:

  1. Bedroom 3 - under drawers
  2. Meat Room - table
  3. Kitchen - countertop
Granny after a good shotgunning © DVloper
Granny after a good shotgunning © DVloper

Once you find one piece, you should know where the other two will be. You can only carry one at a time, so don’t worry about picking them all up at once. After you’ve picked up a part, you need to take them to the Garage. This can be accessed through the Basement. Once you go down the Basement stairs, turn round to your right and head behind the stairs. On your right here will be a doorway with a set of stairs down to the Garage. Inside you’ll see a car in the center of the room, and at the back left near the garage doors is a table with a shotgun schematic on it. Bring each piece you find here and they’ll snap into place on the table.

Bring all three pieces together and you’ll create the shotgun! You’ll need to reload the shotgun with a shell — there are nine hidden around the house — before you can use it. The most powerful weapon available, the Shotgun will knock Granny out instantly for a duration that depends on the difficulty (sadly you can’t kill her). The Shotgun can also be used to knock the screwdriver down from the shelf above the main room stairs.

Now that you’ve got a beefy weapon ready, you should be just about prepared to escape! Discover how by reading our guide on how to beat Granny.

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