$13 Million raised by Overwatch's Pink Mercy

Blizzard's sale of Pink Mercy resulted in one of the largest company donations ever made.

In Overwatch, a special “Pink Mercy” skin was made available for purchase from May 8 until May 21, with all sale proceeds going towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The skin was priced at $15 (USD), and was available for direct purchase rather than random Loot Crate drops.

Recently, Blizzard tallied the figures and announced that player purchases of “Pink Mercy” raised $12.7 million in donation funds. To give you a sense of just how huge this is, Blizzard’s donation is officially the largest donation ever made by a single company in a year. Meanwhile, Blizzard also hosted a charity event stream which raised a whopping $130,000.

To celebrate the momentous occasion and successful fundraising efforts, Blizzard released a collection of fan artwork to commemorate the campaign.

What do you think of Blizzard making a $12.7 million dollar donation to the BCRF via the sale of a special edition skin? Did you purchase the “Pink Mercy” skin when it was available back in May? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below, and stay tuned for more Overwatch news here at AllGamers!

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