Indie platformer Chasm launches this month

Dig a little deeper.

Indie developer Bit Kid has announced that it's hotly tipped Metroidvania style retro platformer Chasm will launch on July 31 for PS4, PC, and Vita.

You play as a novice knight, eager to prove his worth by solving the mystery of a town where the mine has closed down and people have disappeared. The source of the problem proves to be an invasion of supernatural creatures from below the earth, and guess what? You get to venture into the depths to sort it all out.

The crowdfunded game features six vast areas, each procedurally generated as you play. You'll dodge traps, battle oversized foes and loot treasure and weapons to help you explore further and open new areas. It all sounds pretty familiar, but looks undeniably appealing.

Dan has been playing games since the 1980s, and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. Also, get off his lawn. You can contact him by email if you need to know exactly how to leave his lawn.

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