Far Cry 5's Lost on Mars DLC drops next week

It's a freaky show...

Far Cry 5 gets its second DLC expansion next week, following the Vietnam-themed Hours of Darkness which launched in June. Lost on Mars picks up the story of Nick Rye, a UFO-obsessed character you may have encountered while roaming Hope County. Turns out his teleportation experiment worked, and now he's...well, lost on Mars. Alien bug-splatting action ensues.

Playin through the DLC will unlock a slew of new sci-fi weaponry, with evocative names like Obliteratorrrr, Taser Phazer Annihilazer, Nerve Reaper, Hellfire and something called Grape Popper. All of these will be available to you back on Earth in the main game afterwards. Assets from the Mars DLC will also be available in Far Cry Arcade for creating your own levels.

The game's final DLC, the horror skewed Dead Living Zombies, hits in August.

If you sprung for the Far Cry 5 Gold Edition, or other premium bundles, you probably already have the Season Pass needed to download this DLC. If not, each one can be purchased separately.

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