How to unlock the Apothecary class at the Shrine of the Healer in Octopath Traveler

Learn to find the Shrine of the Healer and unlock the secondary Apothecary job in Octopath Traveler.

Octopath Traveler is all about exploring the different classes available in the game. Each of the eight main characters have a base Job Class, but can expand their retinue by picking up a secondary job. Not all jobs are available to all classes from the start of the game however, and require you to find certain Shrines spread across the continent. The Apothecary job is unlocked by finding the Shrine of the Healer, and luckily for you, we know exactly where it is.

How to find the Shrine of the Healer and unlock the Apothecary job

You’ll find the Shrine of the Healer at the south end of the map. It’s located just outside Saintbridge which you can reach from the East Saintbridge Traverse junction. Starting from the signpost save point, walk east and behind the rocky scenery blocking your view of the path. Here you’ll find a cave entrance which leads into the Shrine.

Once you’re inside, follow the path to the right then head up the stairs to the north and you’ll find an altar. You’ll be addressed by the voice of Dohter the Charitable who will commend your boldness in reaching the Shrine. You’ll be granted the Apothecary class as a secondary job and all your heroes will then be able to equip it to take advantages of the Attribute Bonuses it offers. The Apothecary can also create concoctions to help you on your journeys.

With eight total classes, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear there are also eight shrines for players to visit if they want to unlock every secondary job in Octopath Traveler. To get you started, take a look at our guide for the Shrine of the Huntress and the Shrine of the Flamebearer.To make sure you’re keeping on top of things, be sure to check out our other Octopath Traveler guides. Here’s our list of every single Job Class, Weapons Types, Abilities and Bonuses.

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