Where to find the Shrine of the Huntress (Hunter Job) in Octopath Traveler

Learn how to unlock the Hunter secondary Job Class in Octopath Traveler by finding the Shrine of the Huntress.

Players have now been let loose into Octopath Traveler and are happily exploring the continent of Orsterra. An old-school RPG at heart, Octopath offers up eight different protagonists with unique Job Classes. While each has a fixed, core class, characters are also able to take on a secondary Job Class, provided you know how to unlock it. Signing up for a secondary job is important as it grants you all of the class bonuses as well as a range of abilities. To unlock the secondary Job Classes, you’ll need to find a number of Shrines hidden across the world. In this article we’ll teach you where to find the Shrine of the Huntress to unlock the Hunter as a secondary Job Class in Octopath Traveler

Where to find the Shrine of the Huntress (Hunter job class)

You’ll find the Shrine of the Huntress just to the east of Victors Hollow towards the northern end of the map. It’s easiest to reach the town from the East Victors Hollow Trail junction. Starting from the signpost that’s just to the north of Victors Hollow itself, take the path to the east. When your trail turns south, go off road and continue east instead. Walk into the grass and past the rocks which block your view to find the Shrine entrance.

© Square Enix
© Square Enix

Once inside you simply need to follow the path to the east and then take the stairs to the north. You’ll find an altar here, and when you approach it your party will hear the voice of Draefendi, The Huntress. She’ll be impressed by your find her Shrine and offer the Hunter secondary Job Class as a reward. Everyone in your party (excluding the Hunter) can now take the Hunter as a secondary Job Class, getting access to it’s impressively powerful bonuses and abilities.

There are seven more Shrines you’ll need to find if you want to unlock all of the core secondary classes. To help you out, we’ve got guides that’ll point you in the right direction for each. Here’s how to find the Shrine of Healing for the Apothecary job class, and here’s the Shrine of the Flamebearer which unlocks the Cleric class. If you want to know the different bonuses and skill each class will unlock, take a look at our Job Class guide for Octopath Traveler!

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