Call of Cthulhu gets an appropriately spooky release date

The horror RPG for people who lovecrafting.

Focus Home Interactive has put a date on its eagerly anticipated first-person role-playing detective game Call of Cthulhu. The HP Lovecraft inspired horror yarn will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 30, one day before Halloween. Spoooooooky.

Set in 1924, you'll play as private Investigator Edward Pierce, an alcoholic veteran of the Great War, who is hired to look into the mysterious death of the wealthy and reclusive Hawkins family on Darkwater Island, off the Boston shoreline. Things, of course, are not what they seem and you're soon dragged into a conspiracy involving sinister cults worshipping The Old Ones, the terrible ancient gods waiting to reclaim our world for themselves.

Gameplay will revolve around exploration, stealth and conversation rather than direct physical action and the game will use all sorts of clever tricks to recreate Pierce's fragile mental state, as both his mind and the mystery he's investigating unravel are pretty much the same time.

Here's the latest trailer, to whet your gibbering indescribable whistle.

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