The Whisper Oracle order in Destiny 2

Learn the correct shooting sequence to unlock the secret chest with our guide to The Whisper Oracle order in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2's The Whispers secret mission is full of surprises, letting players go far beyond simply unlocking a new rifle. Players have slowly been piecing together the trickier aspects of the mission and learning what each new discovery means. Those who've explored more thoroughly have noticed the appearance of glowing Oracles next to the Vex gate tucked away in the mission. While these appear in a line and chime together, it's not immediately clear what their purpose is. Solve their puzzle however, and you'll get access to a secret chest containing part of the Sleeper Simulant Catalyst and an Enigmatic Schematic for a brand new ship. In this article we'll teach you The Whisper Oracle order so you know the shooting sequence that unlocks the secret Oracle Chest in Destiny 2.

The Whisper Oracle order in Destiny 2

Before you can complete the Oracle puzzle, you need to make sure you've found all five chests hidden in The Whispers mission. Each one you find will cause a new Oracle to appear by the Vex gate, and if there aren't seven there then you cannot complete the puzzle.

The Whisper Oracle order - numbered by which to shoot
The Oracles lined up. Credit to Reddit user Storb © Bungie

The trick to the Oracles is in listening to them chiming as they move into their position. You don't want to shoot any of them until all seven are lined up and have finished making noises. To solve the puzzle you need to shoot the Oracles in a specific order in three different sequences. Each one is started after the Oracles finish beeping and line up in a row. Numbering the Oracles 1-5 from left to right as you face them, the three sequences are as follows:

Sequence #1

1, 3, 5

Sequence #2

4, 6, 7, 3, 1 

Sequence #3

7, 3, 1, 6, 4, 2, 5

Destroy the Oracles in the orders shown above after they've lined up each time and you'll have solved the puzzle, spawning a new chest in front of the Vex gate. Congratulations! You've solved the puzzle and unlocked the Enigmatic Schematic for a new ship as well as the IO-JYS data for the Sleeper Simulant Catalyst.

Remember to pop back here any time you repeat the mission so that you can easily remember The Whisper Oracle order. While you're on the Destiny 2 grind, make sure you check out all the other Destiny 2 content we have here on AllGamers.

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