Sony's cute VR mascot returns in full-length platform adventure, Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Help the adorable little fella out this fall.

Astro, the appealing robot mascot from Sony's PSVR Playroom package is coming back in his own full-length adventure this fall, and being a VR game you get to join him every step of the way.

Here's a trailer.

As you can see, Astro Bot Rescue Mission retains the adorable aesthetic from the Playroom compilation and expands that package's short but sweet platform game into a full 26-level quest, complete with towering VR bad guy boss fights.

Of particular note are the inventive ways the game combines your direct control of Astro with first-person interactions using the DualShock controller. Highlights include throwing shuriken to create platforms Astro can use, and punching a robot Kong in the mouth then using the joypad to yank his teeth out.

There's an obvious Mario influence at work here, but with Nintendo showing no interest in VR it falls to Sony to build on the platform genre's virtual reality potential. We'll find out if they succeeded on October 3 when Astro Bot Rescue Mission launches.

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