How to save in No Man's Sky

Learn every way to save the game and your progress in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky is a very open game, but it doesn't always make it clear how to do simple things like saving your game. It's clearly aiming for a natural approach to play in which things happen seamlessly, but no one wants to lose those last few minutes spent tweaking their base or crafting good because an autosave didn't come at the right time. With that in mind, this article will explain the different ways the game handles saves and how to save your game in No Man's Sky.

How to save in No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky might not tell you directly, but it includes two main methods by which you can save the game. These are:

  • Exit your starship 
  • Activate a Beacon on a planet

Exit your ship

Each time you hop out of your starship to explore a planet or space station, your game will be saved. You use this to save even if you don't want to leave by hopping out and back into your ship again. Obviously this also works in reverse, letting you jump in an out of your ship to save while exploring a planet's surface, providing a nifty way to manually force the game to save. 

Activate a Beacon

Likewise, activating one of the Beacons you'll find on planetary structures will also cause the game to save. Almost every planetary structure you come across should have a Beacon sitting next to it. Approach this and activate it to save your game. This is the best way to save the game if you're far away from your ship, though it does rely on you actually finding a structure on the planet.

Now that you know how to save, you can work this to your advantage. Before exploring the inside of a potentially dangerous structure, make sure you activate the Beacon outside first to save your game in case something goes wrong. It's worth noting that you'll only ever have two saves at one time in No Man's Sky. If you're getting into a tricky situation, be wary of jumping in and out of your ship a lot or you may find yourself stuck in a tough scenario and unable to load an earlier game. 

That's all there is to know on saving in No Man's Sky but we have plenty of other No Man's Sky guides here on AllGamers. Here's how to get  the new Chromatic Metal resource added in No Man's Sky Next.

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