Brutal indie hit Salt and Sanctuary is coming to Nintendo Switch

Seasoning of the Witch.

Salt and Sanctuary, the ruthless indie platformer from 2016, is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 2. That's next week!

The game, often described as a combination of Dark Souls and Castlevania, casts the player as a stowaway stranded on a gloomy island, plagued by evil forces. In this world, humans are known as Saltborn so you must collect salt to stay alive and - you guessed it - seek out Sanctuaries across the island. It's also brutally hard, with lots and lots of death.

Unlike many throwback 2D games, Salt and Sanctuary opts for a hand-drawn visual style rather than retro pixel art, and goes deep on combat and other RPG-style systems. There are side quests galore, and over 600 items to find and use in your quest for redemption. It's big, in other words.

Switch owners will be able to sample its dark delights for themselves on August 2.

Dan has been playing games since the 1980s, and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. Also, get off his lawn. You can contact him by email if you need to know exactly how to leave his lawn.


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