Control a car, plane and submarine in the next Nintendo Labo kit

Get yer motor running...

Nintendo has finally unveiled the third official Labo Toy Con collection, and it's a doozy. The Toy Con 03 Vehicle Kit offers three very cool looking rides to control. Check it out.

Unlike the previous kits, this one is made up of three related builds: a car steering wheel, an airplane joystick and a submarine helm. You'll be playing the games for this kit on your TV, and will be able to switch between vehicle types by inserting your Joy Con "key" into the control column of whichever vehicle you want to use. All three will share an accelerator pedal, which works across all of them.

The trailer also suggests that the software for this set will be much more developed as an actual game, and long-time Nintendo watchers will no doubt detect traces of Pilotwings and Stunt Race FX DNA in the experience.

There's not long to wait, either. The Vehicle Kit is due to go on sale on September 14 priced $69.99.

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