How to link Paladins account on Nintendo Switch

A look at whether it's possible to link, transfer, and copy previous Paladins accounts over to Nintendo Switch.

In the past, Hi-Rez Studios made it possible for players to link their Paladins account between platforms such as PC and PlayStation 4. With the recent release of Paladins on Nintendo Switch, many players have been wondering if this feature is also available on the Switch.

According to Hi-Rez, the Nintendo Switch version of Paladins includes crossplay multiplayer between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players. However, no mention of account linking, transfers, or copies was made in conjunction with the Switch version’s release.

To help answer your question, we put together a quick guide on whether or not it’s possible to link your previous Paladins account to your new account on Nintendo Switch.

How to Link Paladins Account on Nintendo Switch

It's currently not possible to link your original Paladins account to your new account on Nintendo Switch, but this may change in the future.
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Right now, there’s no way to link your previous account (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4) to your new Nintendo Switch account. Additionally, there’s no way to transfer existing save data such as previous purchases from your original Paladins account over to Nintendo Switch.

Hi-Rez Studios has yet to announce whether or not they plan to open account linking for Nintendo Switch users. Although, the question has been asked previously by console users looking to transfer data from their PC account. The Hi-Rez website answers the question of account linking on PS4 by noting:

“It is no longer possible to transfer, merge, or otherwise copy an account from PC to PS4 or Xbox. This function officially ended July 15th of 2017. There are currently no plans to re-enable this function. There are no exceptions able to be made to extend this process for any player.”

On Reddit, several Paladins players have created threads requesting Hi-Rez reconsider their position and allow account linking on Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the question has been brought up on the official Paladins forums. If you are among those that think Hi-Rez Studios should authorize account linking for Nintendo Switch, you can add your voice to existing threads on the Paladins subreddit and Paladins forum.

To keep track of when (and if) account linking for Nintendo Switch versions of Paladins becomes available, be sure to keep an eye on the Paladins Twitter account and website for new announcements. Do you think Paladins should have account linking on Nintendo Switch? Let us know your thoughts on the issue in the comments below.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be updating this guide as new information about account links, transfers, and copies on Nintendo Switch is released by Hi-Rez! 

By reading through this guide, you should now know whether or not it's possible to link your account, transfer your account, or copy your account in Paladins on Nintendo Switch.

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