Fortnite v5.10 Update Patch Notes

A look at everything included in the new v5.10 update for Fortnite.

The v5.10 update in Fortnite is scheduled to release tomorrow, August 1, at 5 p.m. (PST) and 8 p.m. (EST). Included in the v5.10 update is a new gun, the return of an old gun with added modifications, and a new Fortnite game mode. Today, Epic Games released a new blog post detailing what players can expect when the v5.10 update goes live.

The new game mode is certainly one of the most exciting inclusions in the v5.10 update. The new limited-time mode coming in Fortnite’s v5.10 update is called Fly Explosives. This mode gives players jetpacks and weaponry is limited to explosive weapons only. The jetpack will feature increased fuel regeneration rates and decreased fuel burn rates, which means players can stay airborne longer.

Epic notes that Fly Explosives matches will be under 20 minutes in length thanks to lowered between-storm wait times. Meanwhile, the Guided Missile is returning from Fortnite after its removal in April. Alongside the return of the Guided Missile, a new weapon is being added in the form of the Spyglass Sniper Rifle which comes as part of the Flintlock Weapon set.

For more on what you can expect from the v5.10 update in Fortnite, read on for the summarized patch notes!

Fortnite v5.10 Patch Notes

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You can read through the full v5.10 patch notes in the latest blog post from Epic Games. Alternatively, we’ve summarized the Fortnite v5.10 patch notes below with some of the most notable changes, additions, and updates.


  • New default keybindings for new players. All keyboard layouts will continue to default to the QWERTY bindings for new players or those who reset their back to default.
  • Changed countdown timers to display more useful information. Shows hours left instead of days when under 72 hours. Shows hours: minutes: seconds left when below 13 hours.
  • Changed the background of the loading screen bullet points area to be partially translucent.
  • Removed the “static noise” when switching tabs.
  • The “Restore” button has been removed from the settings screen. Also, the “Reset Defaults” button has been renamed to “Reset”.
  • Double clicks now register as two clicks on a button, allowing for faster navigation through Next/Previous type buttons.
  • Items on the ground will properly have their stack counts updated if the stack size changes while the player is currently looking at them.
  • Fixed a frame delay on some text layouts, which would cause large blocks of text to reflow their wrapping one frame after seeing them.
  • Corrected text shadows that were appearing incorrectly in certain areas of the UI.

Weapons and Items

© Epic Games
  • Compact SMG added. Available in Epic and Legendary variants, 23-24 base damage, uses Light Ammo, 50 round capacity.
  • SMG and Compact SMG accuracy bonus reduced from 35% to 15%.
  • SMG damage reduced from 19/20/21 to 17/18/19.
  • Compact SMG damage reduced from 23/24 to 21/22.
  • SMG fire rate reduced from 13 to 12.
  • Compact SMG fire rate reduced from 11 to 10.
  • Rare SMG and Compact SMGs drop rates slightly reduced.
  • Slurp Juice now grants 1 health every 0.5 seconds, up to a total of 75. If health is full, shield will be granted instead.
  • Supply Drop loot rates adjusted.


  • Added "Sprint By Default" option, when enabled this makes sprint the default movement. The sprint key will now be used to transition into walking.
  • Newly-placed building pieces will now appear in a different color while players are still overlapping the structure.
  • Improved handling of collision when building pieces are placed right on top of a player.
  • Pickaxe damage against enemy and ally player built structures increased to 75 base damage and 150 critical damage.
  • The slow motion and confetti effects for a Victory Royale will now play for the winner regardless of how they win the game.
  • Changing the gyro motion of the Nintendo Switch to rotate around the roll instead of the yaw.
  • Fixed an issue causing bullets and projectiles to be blocked by invisible collision.
  • Autorun can now be used while in vehicles.
  • Fixed a logic issue in the autorun canceling code.
  • Changed the button layout for Old School and Quick Builder configs so that the “change seat” action button is not the same as the “powerslide” button.
  • Sniper rifle bullets no longer incorrectly stop when passing through certain trigger volumes.
  • Eliminating players will now properly grant challenge progress.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the coasting state if they change seats while in a vehicle.
  • Pickaxes will no longer stretch and appear incorrectly if the slow-motion effect plays while players are riding in a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where a player would not have a weapon out if hitting a bounce pad into a jump pad under certain network conditions.
  • Players will no longer hold weapons while emoting if they’re riding in an All Terrain Kart.
  • Players will no longer fall through floor or pushed through walls when placing or editing structures.
  • Remote Explosives will now only show damage numbers when damage is done to players.
  • Vehicles can no longer be flipped while standing on top of them.
  • Crouching is no longer allowed while emoting.
  • The Wave emote, emoticons, and sprays will now continue to play even if you’re moving.


© Epic Games
  • Various server performance improvements focused on the 50v50 LTM.
  • Server performance improvements were made to the custom matches used during competitive events.
  • Significant All Terrain Kart (ATK) performance improvements.


  • Added spatialization to the sound played when a marker is placed on the map. Now you will hear it coming from where the in-world marker was placed.
  • All Terrain Kart (ATK) audio improvements.
  • Improvements have been made to grenade bounce audio so they don’t sound as spammy under certain conditions.
  • Lowered the volume of the AC/DC pickaxe.
  • Added a unique sound for bouncing off a diving board.
  • Added a unique sound for destroying cacti.
  • Audio panning logic for Switch has been changed.
  • Sources panning from one side to another will be more dramatic.
  • Conquest glider’s open and close sounds no longer stack when spamming the action.
  • Twist emote music no longer overlaps with other emote music.
  • Re-added metal impact sounds when shooting or pickaxing Shopping Carts.
  • Weapon fire audio no longer cuts out when low on ammo for some weapons.


  • Adjusted lobby nameplate arrangement to better account for long player names.
  • Added the ability to combine stackable items in player inventory if the stack sizes aren't already capped.
  • The Game Mode Select screen now sorts in the following order from left to right: Solo, Duo, Squads.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players to select nothing as an Outfit and Back Bling.
  • Fixed an issue in the locker where the shuffle icon for randomized outfits was drawn slightly differently to other shuffle icons.
  • Removed an error message when trying to purchase the Battle Bundle while at tier 76 or above.
  • The correct actions are now shown on the HUD when you get into a Shopping Cart for the first time after being in an All Terrain Kart (ATK).
© Epic Games

Art and Animation

  • Prevented sprays from affecting the eyes of the Rainbow Smash pickaxe.
  • The Toilet Paper contrail animations now appear correctly.


  • Changed the icon when a player has been downed to an exclamation mark.
  • Battle Bus positioning now appears correctly in replays.
  • Fixed an issue with focus distance when changing cameras in replays.
  • Fixed issues with drone cameras when viewing players in vehicles during replays.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera controls would not display when toggling the HUD visibility.


  • Downloading patches will now continue when you switch to a different app. When the download has completed, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Fire mode selection now has preview videos to better illustrate the functionality.
  • Added new placeable individual quick bar buttons to the HUD layout tool.
  • Can be set to either locked Combat, locked Build, or Automatic mode to switch based on the player’s currently selected mode.
  • Tapping a currently selected build item from the quick bar will now build the item.
  • Fixed texture streaming issues with the battle bus. Audible pops will no longer occur on iOS during loading screens and gameplay.

To read the rest of the Fortnite v5.10 patch notes, be sure to check out the official post from Epic Games. In the meantime, what do you think of the latest Fortnite patch? Are you excited that the Guided Missile is returning, or are you more interested in checking out the new Spyglass Sniper Rifle?

Let us know down in the comments below, and be sure to check out some of our other Fortnite content including the possible leak of the third Twitch Prime Pack, and the news that McFarlane Toys is creating new Fortnite collectible figures.

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