All Ring of Fire locations in Fortnite

Learn where to find every Fire Ring for Fortnite's latest Season 5 weekly challenge.

This week in Fortnite, players are being asked to hunt down a number of fire rings across Fornite’s map. To earn those stars you have to leap daredevil style through them in either a shopping trolley or ATK. Yes, players will have to jump through flaming hoops if they want to complete their weekly challenge this time. Not to worry though, as once again we’ve done the groundwork to help you out a little. Read on to discover the locations of all the rings of fire in Fortnite.

All Ring of Fire locations

© Epic Games
© Epic Games

There are 11 rings in total which you’ll find in the locations marked in red on the map above. Visiting each isn’t too much trouble on its own, and you’ll only need to jump through five of them to complete the challenge. The real difficulty is in obtaining a vehicle for each. You need to ride either a trolley or an ATK (golf cart) through the rings for the challenge to count. The ring should disappear when you succeed.

Most of the rings have nearby trolley or ATK spawns, but some are simply out in the open with no cars nearby.  To that end, if you find a car at one it’s well worth taking it to as many as you can visit in a single match to ensure you have the required vehicle. We also noted that for the hill south of Pleasant Park not all of the rings would spawn at once, meaning we had to drive to other locations to complete the challenge. It’s still worth visiting as the trolley’s at the top of the hill make for a pretty exciting ride down the rings below, and you can even take one through a rift if you’re feeling daring.

This is a pretty tough challenge to complete solo, but fortunately in 50v50 mode many players are eyeing up the same challenge. We’ve found players are usually happy to help if they have a vehicle at hand, though it’d probably best if you drive it yourself just to be sure.

Be sure to check back with us here at AllGamers regularly for new Fortnite guides and content. For example, did you successfully find all the Clay Pigeon shooters last week? If not, here's our guide for it!

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