Dead Cells controls guide

Learn what each button and control input does in the rogue-lite metroidvania Dead Cells.

Motion Twin's indie hit Dead Cells releases today on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC, and players are keen to dive into one of thee best metroidvania titles we've seen for a long while. With Dark Souls-style dodge roll and parry combat, it's important you know how to get around, defend yourself and dish out damage before diving into the deadly and every changing dungeons. To help you out, we've put together a quick controls guide to let you know how to perform each action in the game.

Dead Cells Controls - Console

© Motion Twin
© Motion Twin

You'll need to parry or dodge an awful lot to stay alive in Dead Cells' harsh world, so be sure to practice interspersing dodge rolls with each of your skills or weapon attacks. It's worth noting that all of the button and trigger controls on Dead Cells can be remapped as you please, so if the basic layout isn't to your liking then you can feel free to change it in the menu! Please note that for the PS4 controller, A, B, X and Y are replaced with X, Circle, Square and Triangle.

Default Button







Main Weapon Attack


Secondary Weapon Attack






Right Skill


Left Skill

Select button

Open Map

Remember, you’ve only got a limited number of heals to activate in Dead Cells, so don’t blow through them all too fast. It’s best to learn how to fight well or play sneakily than risk death by running down your health in bad fights too often.

Those are all the basic controls in Dead Cells, but there are also a few context sensitive actions worth knowing. For example, holding down while on a platform and pressing jump will allow you to drop through it and fall to the floor below. You can also climb up and down vines or chains simply by holding the direction you'd like to go. Rolls can also be done while airborne, letting you dodge over or past foes and gaps.

That's all there is to our controls guide for Dead Cells, but be sure to check back with us here at AllGamers in the coming days for more Dead Cells guides and content. Good luck out there!

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