How to get the Spider Rune and Wall Jump in Dead Cells

If you want to Wall Jump in Dead Cells you'll need to secure the Spider Rune first, so here's where you can find it!

As any keen platformer will tell you, wall jumping is a staple of the genre, but if you want to start scaling the heights in Dead Cells, you’ll need to acquire the Spider Rune first. Runes in Dead Cells are unique and permanent upgrades. By collecting the right Runes you’ll gain upgraded abilities which open up access to new locations throughout the game. In this article we’ll teach you how to get the Spider Rune and Wall Jump ability in Dead Cells.

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How to get the Spider Rune and Wall Jump

  • Defeat the Elite enemy in the Slumbering Sanctuary

Regardless of the level arrangement, each Rune can always be found in a specific area, guarded by powerful Elite enemies. To gain the Rune you’ll need to beat certain Elites spawned from Elite Obelisks. Once obtained it’s yours for good, and you check which Runes you’ve collected so far on the right-hand side of the pause screen. The Spider Rune is one of the last Runes you’re likely to gain access to, and you’ll need to use the other Runes to reach it, so make sure you’ve grabbed them first.

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The Spider Rune can always be found in the Slumbering Sanctuary. If you’re not sure how to get there, you can reach it through the Insufferable Crypt, but be warned, you will have to face the Watcher boss along the way. The fastest route from the start of the game (Prisoner’s Cells) is to travel to the Toxic Crypt using the Vine Rune and head down to the Old Sewers. In here you’ll need the Ram Rune (found in the Ossuary) to break through some fragile ground and reach the Insufferable Crypt.

Apparently not everyone finds the Insufferable Crypt all that off putting, as it’s home to The Watcher, one of the two first bosses you can face in the game. Successfully beat it and you’ll be free to access to the Slumbering Sanctuary. It’s here that you’ll need to defeat an Elite enemy, this time an Orb Caster. Doing so will earn you that much-coveted Spider Rune and grant the ability to wall jump.

It’s a long road to reaching the Spider Rune, and you’ll need to be comfortable beating at least one boss on the way there. The good news is that once you have the rune in your possession, the Slumbering Sanctuary can also be accessed from the Black Bridge as well, since you can now wall jump to the exit. You’ll find plenty of other routes are now open for you access across the world, so get out there and start exploring!

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