The Wargaming Anniversary Special is the Perfect Time to Download Total War: ARENA and Play for Free

Wargaming is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a variety of discounts on Premium packs in Total War: ARENA.

Developed by Creative Assembly and published by, Total War: ARENA is a free-to-play, team-based strategy game that uses the most famous commanders in history to control armies in massive, fast-paced, 10-vs-10 RTS battles. In the game, each player controls three units with hundreds of warriors that will fight opposing armies across a variety of historical battlefields to forge their legacy.

In Total War: ARENA, each battle grants you rewards:

  • Silver to replenish your troops and buy equipment for your units.
  • Unit XP to unlock equipments and units.
  • Free XP to upgrade your commander and buy upgrades. Free XP can also be used to unlock equipment and units, as well as buy new commanders.

With the 20th Anniversary of, there is no better time to join the battlefields of Total War: ARENA and play for free. To celebrate this event, various Premium packs are on sale with great discounts for you to enjoy.

Here is what each Premium pack offers:

  • Premium time, which will increase your rewards (silver, unit XP and Free XP) after battle and therefore will allow you to progress faster. With 90 days of Premium time, you will have the opportunity to rapidly progress to higher tiers.
  • Free XP, which can allow you to progress faster by buying upgrades for your commanders or for your units. Free XP also allows you to buy any commander in the game. With 250,000 Free XP, you can buy several commanders and significantly boost your progress.
  • Premium units, which are unique and powerful units that offer bonuses in their rewards. They are also exempt from replenishment costs and can be played by your commander regardless of their Tier level.
  • Gold, which allows you to buy commanders, Premium time, and Premium units, as well as skins for your commanders and for your units. Gold can also be used to convert your Unit XP to Free XP. With 25,000 Gold, you can buy and play with almost every commander in the game!

Premium packs allow for a broader range of commander and unit options as well as a faster rate of progression, making them great for new players who are just starting out in the game. If you’re new to Total War: ARENA, consider picking up one of the Premium packs during Wargaming’s 20th Anniversary sale.

Along with the Premium pack sale, each player who logs in before August 10 at 10:00 UTC will receive an additional 100,000 Free XP as part of the anniversary celebration! For more information about the anniversary celebration and discounts on Premium packs, visit the Total War: ARENA website. To download Total War: ARENA and play for free, head to the download page. Good luck on the battlefield, Commanders!

This post was sponsored by Wargaming.


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