GRIS is a gorgeous indie platformer coming to Switch in December


Devolver Digital has revealed GRIS by the Barcelona-based Nomada Studio, a beautiful indie platformer which will be coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

Take a look at the reveal trailer below and you'll be hard pressed not to go through all manner of feelings, most prominantly lamentation over the fact that we can't play it right now.

GRIS follows the tale of a young girl, lost in her own world after suffering a painful experience in life. Coming to terms with her sorrow means Gris will embark on a journey through entrancing, magical and solemn landscapes, with only your dress as a tool to help your way. As she travels further, progressing both physically and emotionally, her view on the world around her will change and open up new routes to explore.  

Nomada Studio promises light puzzles and platforming, with some optional challenges opening up as you uncover more of the world. There's no risk of death here, leaving you free to take in the sights and sounds around you along the way.

With both stunning visuals and soundtrack to the trailer, GRIS has shot up our list of titles to watch, and with release planned for this year we may not even have to wait that long before we can experience it ourselves.

GRIS is set to release in December on both Nintendo Switch and PC.

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