Everything we know about Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor will be the first expansion to the hit indie title Hello Neighbor.

During E3 2018, tinyBuild announced the impending release of the first expansion to Hello Neighbor called “Secret Neighbor.” Following this announcement, many fans have been wondering what Secret Neighbor is, whether or not there will be a beta, and what the release date is for Secret Neighbor.

To help answer your questions, we put together a quick feature that contains everything we currently know about Secret Neighbor!

What is Secret Neighbor?

Many people have been wondering what Secret Neighbor is and how it relates to Hello Neighbor.
© Dynamic Pixels, tinyBuild 

Secret Neighbor is the first expansion to the Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild game, Hello Neighbor. Originally teased at E3 2018, Secret Neighbor is described as a “suspenseful multiplayer horror game where a group of kids try to rescue their friend from the Neighbor’s creepy basement.” In an interview with GeekWire, CEO of tinyBuild Alex Nichiporchik confirmed Secret Neighbor stating:

“It’s the first expansion of the Hello Neighbor universe. Fans have been asking for a multiplayer version of Hello Neighbor for a long time, basically since its announcement, and this is it. This is what the multiplayer version of Hello Neighbor is.”

Secret Neighbor marks the first time in Hello Neighbor history that players can take on the role of the Neighbor.
© Dynamic Pixels, tinyBuild

In addition to multiplayer, one of the biggest draws of Secret Neighbor is being able to play as the Neighbor for the first time in Hello Neighbor history. Essentially, among the group of kids is the Neighbor in disguise. The player occupying the role of the Neighbor in disguise will be able to utilize various gadgets and features of the house to fight back and defend the basement.

Not only will the main team of friends have to work together to free their friend from the basement, they’ll also need to figure out who the Neighbor is before it’s too late. The kids win if they’re able to get into the basement, and the Neighbor wins if he’s able to attack all of the kids and successfully defend the basement.

How to Sign Up for the Secret Neighbor Beta

Head to the Secret Neighbor website, then scroll down to sign up for the Secret Neighbor alpha.
© Dynamic Pixels, tinyBuild

To sign up for the beta of Secret Neighbor, you’ll first need to head over to the Secret Neighbor website. Once there, scroll down and click the button labeled “Sign-Up for the Alpha.”

You’ll then be taken to a form where you can enter the email address you’d like to receive beta notifications at, as well as your name. At the bottom, you’ll want to click “subscribe to list” once you’re finished entering your information.

You’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your email. Once your email is confirmed, you’ll officially be signed up for the Secret Neighbor beta!

What is the Release Date for Secret Neighbor?

Secret Neighbor is projected to release in late 2018.
© Dynamic Pixels, tinyBuild

The release date for Secret Neighbor is described on the game’s Steam page as “2018-ish.” As such, you can expect Secret Neighbor to release sometime later this year. Our guess is around October or November, although it's worth noting the original Hello Neighbor released in December so it's possible we won't see the release of Secret Neighbor until December of 2018.

Outside of this window, there’s no set release date for Secret Neighbor as of the time of this writing. The only platform announced for Secret Neighbor is Steam. You can add Secret Neighbor to your Steam wishlist to stay up-to-date on the game’s impending release. Additionally, you can keep an eye on the Secret Neighbor website, and follow tinyBuild on Twitter.

We’ll continue to update this feature as new information about Secret Neighbor is released. In the meantime, what do you think of Hello Neighbor’s first expansion, Secret Neighbor? Are you excited to play a multiplayer version of Hello Neighbor, or are you more interested in playing as the Neighbor? Let us know down in the comments below!

By reading through this guide, you should now know what Secret Neighbor is, how to sign up for the Secret Neighbor beta, and the release date for Secret Neighbor.

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