Dark Pictures is a new interactive horror anthology from the makers of Until Dawn

Launches in 2019 with aquatic shocker Man of Medan.

Supermassive Games, the studio behind cinematic horror adventure Until Dawn, is sticking with terrifying tales for its next project, an anthology series of shorter standalone games under the common banner of Dark Pictures. The series will feature many of the same gameplay mechanics as Until Dawn, including motion captured actors, multiple playable points of view and an adaptive storyline in which all, some or none of the characters can be horribly killed.

The series will kick off in 2019 with the debut entry, Man of Medan.

This particular story follows four Americans on a diving expedition to find a WW2 wreck on the ocean floor. While poking around underwater, they awaken something nasty and immediately begin to regret their life choices.

The Dark Pictures games will be unconnected, with each one offering an entirely separate and new story with different characters and setting. It's unclear how often they'll be released, but publisher Bandai Namco insists new entries will be released on a "regular basis".

It's a bold direction for narrative games, but one that could really pay off - especially with a horror twist. This is, after all, a genre where creepy short stories thrive and without the need to plan for ongoing franchise-related stories, Supermassive will hopefully be free to really get into the guts of some fresh and exciting scenarios.

The series is due on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year.

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