Xbox All Access will include Xbox hardware

An added incentive to subscribe to Xbox All Access.

Microsoft’s latest subscription service, Xbox All Access, joins other subscriptions offered by Microsoft including Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. What sets Xbox All Access apart, however, is that it will reportedly give subscribers Xbox hardware. Based on the information available, Xbox All Access will merge all of Microsoft’s subscription services together.

Not only will Xbox All Access provide a subscription to both Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, it’ll also include Xbox hardware such as the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Note that Xbox All Access will require a mandatory two-year contract. Subscribers can cancel after the two-year period has ended and keep all of the Xbox hardware, though.

There will be two price points for Xbox All Access depending on console type. For example, the Xbox One S option costs $22 a month, while the Xbox One X version of Xbox All Access is priced at $35 per month. Xbox All Access will only be available to U.S. gamers at launch, though Microsoft has plans to unveil more information about the service later this month. This information could include a release window for regions in Europe and Asia.

Xbox All Access will merge existing subscription services including Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass.
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Xbox All Access feels reminiscent of mobile phone contracts, only instead of a device and data, it offers console hardware, games, and services via Xbox Live. It certainly sounds like a solid deal for Microsoft fans, although it doesn’t take into account price fluctuations in Xbox One consoles during the two-year contract period.

More information about Xbox All Access will be revealed later this month. Until then, what do you think of Xbox All Access? Are you planning to try it out, or are you happy with your current subscription to either Xbox Live and/or Xbox Game Pass? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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