Sit back and enjoy 45 minutes of bleak and bloody Metro Exodus action

Totally rad.

You can't have missed that this week saw the global games industry descend on Cologne in Germany for Gamescom, where dozens of the biggest Fall and Winter releases were playable - not only by the gaming media, but members of the public. The result has been hours and hours of new gameplay footage from some of the most anticipated games, and one that is shaping up to be especially impressive is Metro Exodus, the long awaited continuation of the Eastern European post-apocalyptic survival shooter.

Why is it looking so good? See for yourself.

The Metro franchise launched in 2010, inspired by a popular Russian sci-fi novel, but has been MIA since 2013, when the game's only sequel, Last Light, was released. Metro Exodus takes the same chilling radioactive setting and combines the claustrophobic underground horror of the earlier games, where humanity cowers in the Metro rail tunnels, with a diverse and reactive openworld design in the Far Cry style.

Metro Exodus is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in February 2019, with original studio 4A Games once again on development duty.

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