New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate limited edition Pro Controller announced

You'll soon be able to Smash the pre-order button for Nintendo's newest Pro Controller.

Today, a brand new limited edition Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch was revealed. The latest Pro Controller features the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo on top of a gorgeous black-and-white design. Based on available information, the limited edition Pro Controller will be included in special bundles of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and will also be sold separately at select retailers.

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On Nintendo’s website, a promo for the Pro Controller has been displayed advertising upcoming pre-orders, though no retailers have currently been listed. Meanwhile, Best Buy recently posted a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition bundle that reportedly includes a Pro Controller alongside a steelbook case and copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, there’s currently no image provided to elaborate upon the bundle’s contents. While the bundle can be pre-ordered right now for $139.99, it may be better to wait until an official image is posted that confirms what Pro Controller (limited edition or standard) is included. As for ordering the limited edition Pro Controller separately, no price, release date, or pre-order information has been released.

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The regular Pro Controller retails for $69.99 at retailers including Amazon and Best Buy, so it’s likely the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller will be available at similar locations for a similar price point. While we wait for more information, what do you think of the new Pro Controller design?

Are you planning to pick up the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate limited edition Pro Controller alongside a copy of the new Smash, or are you more interested in the Smash bundle that includes a GameCube controller for Nintendo Switch? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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