How to play multiplayer in Strange Brigade

Invite friends to your party and play multiplayer modes in Strange Brigade.

In Strange Brigade, one thing players have been itching to know is how to play multiplayer. Strange Brigade supports online multiplayer (2-4 players) where you can play with your friends in a variety of game modes. It offers a different type of Strange Brigade experience, and can be a great way to game with friends.

Of course, you’ll first need to know how to set up multiplayer and add friends. To help, we put together a quick guide on how to play multiplayer in Strange Brigade!

How to Play Multiplayer in Strange Brigade

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To play multiplayer in Strange Brigade, you'll need to select a game mode then add friends to your party 
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From the Main Menu of Strange Brigade it's possible to team up with random players online by selecting either Quick Match or Browse Games to find other players looking for a co-op partner. Teaming up with your friends is a little more involved, however. You’ll first need to add your friends. To do so, your friends will need to own a copy of the game on the same platform as you (PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4). Once you’ve added your friends and have them on your friends list, you can invite them to join your party.

To create a party for your friends, first select the Play option, then, after choosing a mode to play (don't worry, you can change this later), select the blue Multiplayer button, thereby creating a special lobby for you and up to 3 friends. Note that Strange Brigade supports online multiplayer, but not local co-op multiplayer.

You can also choose to have random players join your party © Rebellion
You can also choose to have random players join your party in Strange Brigade by choosing "everyone can join."
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If your friends already have a game prepared, you can also select “Browse Games” to locate and join their game, but the simplest method is to use the friends list and find their name. Select them and you'll have the option to join their lobby. If you're hosting your own lobby, your friends will be able to join your game by selecting the friends list in the bottom right corner and finding your username. Otherwise you can invite them directly by opening the friends list yourself and selecting the player you want to invite. If you want a full party but don't have enough players, you can also open up individual slots in your party so that anyone can join them.

You can invite friends directly into your lobby © Rebellion
In Strange Brigade, you can invite friends directly into your lobby.
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You can change the game mode and level you're playing at any time by opening the game setup option with the button in the top left corner. Here you can choose to play any level you've unlocked in the Campaign, or try out the additional Horde or Score Attack modes.

Score Attack differs from the Campaign mode by offering a part of a level and filling it with enemies to kill using a wide variety of magical weapons. By killing enemies and completing objectives, you’ll be able to earn points. Horde is Strange Brigade’s “Zombies” mode where players will need to survive and fight waves of the undead.

There are three multiplayer modes available in Strange Brigade © Rebellion
There are three multiplayer modes available in Strange Brigade.
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When you’ve selected a game mode you want to play, you can also play around with your character in the character setup and inventory menus. Here you can adjust things like weapons, grenades and runes before entering your multiplayer match. Strange Brigade can be played offline if you want to focus solely on completing the story, or online with friends. By knowing how to add your friends using the tips above, you’ll have more options available when it comes to enjoying Strange Brigade.

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By reading through this guide, you should now know how to play multiplayer in Strange Brigade.

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