Mario Odyssey has tons of customizable outfits

And a built-in screenshot mode to admire them.

Mario Odyssey will feature a plethora of outfits you can purchase and dress up in.

Last night’s Nintendo Direct showed brand new footage for Mario Odyssey including an icy world and new characters, but the feature that’s left everyone talking is Mario’s attire. You’ll be able to dress the now ex-plumber up in everything from top hats to cowboy boots and yes, even beach shorts. You’ll have to earn the rights to these clothes, however, by visiting shops spread about each of the game’s worlds.

The Direct also showcased a new snapshot mode which allows you to freeze the game at any time to line up a picture. You can freely rotate or adjust the camera and, true to the instagram age, even add filters to give your snap that artistic feel.

Mario Odyssey launches on Nintendo Switch, October 27th.

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