Where to find Wanted: Karugul in Methane Flush for Destiny 2: Forsaken

Find out where Karugul is hiding and how to enter Methane Flush for another bounty reward in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

One of the entertaining additions Forsaken brings to Destiny 2 is a slew of new bounties to track down for the Spider. A number of dangerous prisoners have escaped from the Prison of Elders and it’s up to you to track them down and eliminate them. They’re hidden across all of Forsaken’s locations, and finding them can often be quite tricky. This article aims to help you track down Karugul who’s reportedly hiding in the Methane Flush Lost Sector on Titan.

If you know how to enter Methane Flush then this escapee shouldn’t pose too much trouble, meaning you can tick it off your list in no time, earn your reward and move on to the next bounty. Read on to learn where to find the Wanted: Karugul bounty in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Where to find Wanted: Karugul in Methane Flush

© Bungie
© Bungie

The bounty for Karugul lets you know that he’s hiding out on Titan, but it’s actually the Methane Flush Lost Sector you need to visit. This can be found next to the Siren’s Watch fast travel point. Looking out over the water to the northeast, the entrance should be on a small lower ledge at the corner of the lower-level platform to your right. It’s a round, metallic hole in the wall underneath a metal walkway.

Enter and all you need to do is progress through the Lost Sector to its end. Keep going down until you reach the large room with growths on the ceiling and you’ll meet Karugul. He won’t be happy to see you though, so be prepared for a good bout of screeching and lightning to come your way. Much like the other bounties, throwing a super or two in his direction will put him down without much trouble.

And with that, you’ve completed the Wanted: Karugul bounty and are ready to hunt down the next one! We have plenty of Wanted bounty guides here on AllGamers, so feel free to have a browse. Here’s our guide to the Wanted: Queenbreaker bounty, or if you’d prefer, you can also read up on how to find Zerz The Unstoppable Weight. Happy hunting, Guardian!

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