Spider-Man on PS4 is getting a New Game+ mode

Let's swing again.

Judging from social media, it seems that everyone in the world spent the last weekend playing Sony's amazing new Spider-Man game non-stop. The game is already the fastest selling launch of the year, blazing past the record set by God of War only a few months ago, and is also the fastest selling Marvel game of all time. Not bad, Parker.

But what happens once you've completed the story, rinsed every side mission, taken down every enemy hideout and collected all of Pete's old backpacks?

Good news! Developer Insomniac Games has confirmed that they're working on a New Game+ mode that will let you start over with all of your gadgets and abilities carried across.

There's no word on when this update will be launched, but judging from Insomniac's claim to be "polishing it up" it sounds like it shouldn't be too long.

Until then, just keep swinging and dreaming of a Sinister Six sequel...

Dan has been playing games since the 1980s, and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. Also, get off his lawn. You can contact him by email if you need to know exactly how to leave his lawn.

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