Where to find Wanted: Combustor Valus in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Learn where and how to take on Combustor Valus in this week's Wanted Spider bounty,

Destiny 2: Forsaken has had its first weekly reset, adding a new bounty to hunt down and eliminate. This time your target is Combustor Valus, a Cabal leader who’s hiding out on Mercury. Be warned though, this bounty is no easy fight, though the reward Engram that Spider is offering is well worth the effort in tracking him down. Read on to learn where to find Wanted: Combustor Valus in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Where to find Wanted: Combustor Valus

The description for this week’s bounty refers to Brother Vance, and if you’re at the level capable of taking this task on you should know that he’s the main vendor on Mercury. On the planet you should see the quest as a Power Level 540 task. It’s by no means an easy feat, so make sure you’re prepared for a fight before starting out — we recommend teaming up with a few other high level players before trying to take down Valus.

© Bungie
© Bungie

Head to the Lost Sector on Mercury. Here you’ll need to fight your way through the enemies there until you eventually reach a wide room with a huge, orange thunderdome-style shield. Combustor Valus is hiding inside this, and you’ll take Solar damage any time you enter it, meaning you need to be careful in timing your attacks on him. Don’t stay inside the bubble for long — deal your damage and get out. The real key to this fight however is paying attention to the enemies around the orange bubble itself.

During the battle, Valus will spawn shielded flamethrower enemies with yellow health bars. These guys deal and take quite a bit of damage so it’s well worth matching their element type. For that reason we recommend taking Void weaponry to dispatch them as quickly as possible. Killing the Honored Incendiors will cause them to drop an item which immediately gives you a full overshield. This can prove a lifesaver during what should be a heated fight, so make sure you’re picking them up.

Rinse and repeat the process of clearing enemies before dashing into the shield to damage Combustor Valus and you’ll eventually take him down, completing the bounty and earning yourself a Powerful Engram.

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