You can pay for Switch Online using Nintendo Gold Points

A new way to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

Based on a report from IGN, Nintendo will allow users to purchase a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online using My Nintendo Gold Points alongside traditional payment methods. Nintendo Switch Online is currently scheduled to go live starting tomorrow. Once live, the service will give Switch owners the ability to access multiplayer features, utilize cloud saves, and play classic NES games, among other features.

While not all games are compatible with the cloud save option, and NES games are offered via rotation, the service is well worth trying out. So, if you have a wealth of Gold Points on hand that you have no plans for, you may want to cash them in for a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo Switch Online prices include one month for $3.99 (USD), three months for $7.99 (USD), and a year for $19.99 (USD).

When it comes to translating these prices over to Gold Points, every $60 eShop purchase rewards you with 300 Gold Points, or $3.00 (USD). To grab a month of Nintendo Switch Online, you’ll need to have roughly 400 Gold Points available.

While Gold Points can be used to purchase a membership, the Nintendo Switch Online Service FAQ notes that they cannot be used for auto-renewal. Back in March, Nintendo also made it possible for users to purchase Switch games in the eShop using Gold Points. Now that Nintendo Switch Online is being included under this umbrella, Switch owners have more options available to them when it comes to spending their Gold Points.

What do you think of Nintendo’s plans to let users pay for Switch Online using Gold Points? Are you planning to take advantage of this opportunity, or are you waiting to subscribe until later? Let us know down in the comments below!

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