Tetris Effect release date announced

The game hard drops on PS4 and PSVR later this year.

In an exciting announcement, it was revealed that Tetris Effect will officially release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on November 9, 2018. The news comes courtesy of Enhance Games and Tetris, both of whom updated their social media channels regarding the game’s November launch.

For those unfamiliar, Tetris Effect is the latest in a long lineup of Tetris offerings. Developed by Resonair and Monstars and published by Enhance Games, Tetris Effect looks to combine the meditative, “hypnotic” experience of Tetris with gorgeous designs elements from the talented Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Mizuguchi explained some of the inspirations behind Tetris Effect, stating:

“Our goal was to make the experience of playing Tetris feel better than it ever has before, and I think everything – visuals, music, and stage concepts – is firing on all cylinders on that front. In addition to making the experience feel good, we were also motivated to find a way to introduce storytelling into the mix. Our intent was to find a way to update Tetris into a brand new kind of experience while still keeping it comfortable and familiar to anyone who has played Tetris before.”

Tetris is one of the most popular video games of all time, having sold well over 170 million copies following its creation at the hands of Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. While many gamers likely remember playing Tetris on Game Boy, others continue to have a soft spot for versions including Tetris on NES.

In fact, each year, hundreds of gamers converge to participate in the Classic Tetris World Championship. One participant in particular, Trey Harrison, tried out Tetris Effect and managed to get the world’s first “decahexatris.” For more on what a “decahexatris” is, be sure to check out Trey’s time with Tetris Effect courtesy of YouTuber Nick Robinson.

While we wait for the release of Tetris Effect on November 9, what are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to the latest immersive Tetris experience? If so, are you planning to play on PlayStation 4 or PSVR? Let us know down in the comments below!

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