Beat up giant crocodile god Sobek in the latest AC Origins Trial of the Gods

He's only here for a week, so make it snappy.

Sobek is the latest ancient Egyptian god who’s up for duffing in Assassin Creed Origins’ Trial of the Gods.

Much like the first fight against Anubis, Sobek can be battled for a guaranteed piece of legendary gear. You can only get one piece during the trial, but you can replay the fight for experience, currency and — god forbid — fun.

Sobek’s available until November 28, but they won’t be one time events, with Sobek and Anubis returning at a later date. The recommended level is 40, and you’ll need to have beaten the Aya quest to gain access. If you beat all the Trial of the Gods events then you’ll giant an exclusive legendary outfit.

Expect the next god to pop for fisticuffs a couple of weeks after Sobek gets back to his day job eating the last bits of Osiris.

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