All Cat locations in the Dreaming City - Destiny 2: Forsaken

Learn where all eight blue cats and hiding in Destiny 2: Forsaken's Dreaming City to unlock the Reverie armor.

Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Dreaming City is full of secrets, and one of the toughest sets to find is a series of hidden blue cats. Tucked away in obscure locations of the map, these small kitties await small offerings that smell faintly of mint. Finding all of them and delivering each a small gift will reward Guardians with the full Reverie armor set, which is a tempting prize indeed. The cats are hidden well and extremely tough to spot from a distance, but fortunately we’ve already found the lot of them. Read on to learn all cat locations in the Dreaming City of Destiny 2: Forsaken.

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All Dreaming City Cat locations

There are eight cats to find across the Dreaming City, and each one will return a part of the Reverie armor when offered a small gift. The cats disappear after you collect them, which makes pointing out their locations to friends a bit of a pain, but with our help you’ll be earning the Reverie armor in no time. This set offers a permanent boost to player damage in the Dreaming City, and while it does come with a curse, it’s possible to remove the downside by completing the Offering for the Oracle questline. Now, onto what we’re all really here for, the locations of our furtive feline friends:

Cat Location #1

Your first cat on the hunt for the Reverie armor set is in the Spine of Keres, hidden round the back of the Oracle Temple. From the Divalian Mists fast travel point, move forwards then take a left through the blue crystalline cave. Once you reach the first larger arena area, stick to the left side and you’ll reach a path upwards. Follow this along over the bridges and up the stairs until you come across a large, blue rock wall. There should be a hole in it which you can jump over to land on a small ledge. You’ll find the first cat hiding here.

Cat Location #2

The next cat is still in the Spine of Keres, but this time it’s on top of the Oracle temple. Starting from the Divalian Mists again, follow the same path through the tunnel on the left filled with blue crystals. When you reach the arena, this time go straight across into the Oracle room itself. Make use of the balconies here to climb up to the very top of the room. Follow the hallway here to the end and the cat will be sitting next to the window.

Cat Location #3

For the third cat you’ll still be exploring the Divalian Mists, so head to the fast travel point there once more. Head directly forward to the cliff, passing the crystal tunnel entrance we used previously. Look down over the edge and you’ll see a number of ledges you can drop down to. The cat is at the bottom of these inside a cave. Follow it through and you'll find the cat down on the right next to a blue wall.

Cat Location #4

Okay, this cat is a bit of a tricky one to reach. To start, travel to the Divalian Mists Fast Travel point again and move forward. This time you’ll want to turn right past the door to the blind well, and take the track inside the mountain towards Rheasilvia. Travel through the mountain path until you reach the wider area packed with crates. Take the route to the left and jump across ledges here. Next, jump the gap to your right and follow the ledges round the mountain. You’ll see another set of platforms across the abyss, so make the jump over and climb up the mountain to the large blue statue — the cat will be at its feet.

Cat Location #5

The fifth cat is in the temple of Harbinger’s Seclude in Rheasilvia. From the temple entrance, take the path inside and keep going deeper until you pass the room with a  giant statue/pillar in the center. Take the right path in the following room and follow the path down. You should see a doorway on the opposite side of the room containing a tree with glowing lights. The cat is sitting on top of the tree.

Cat Location #6

To find the sixth cat you’ll need to start outside the Rheasilvia temple again. Follow the main path inside again, taking a right towards the tree room for the last cat. This time ignore it and keep travelling along the main path, past the enemies. When the environment opens out into a sizable cavern, turn right and jump over to the building there. The cat is up on top of its roof, so you’ll need to repeatedly jump up the rocks to the right. Once you’re up, turn back and the cat will be sitting on the lip of the roof.

Cat Location #7

Cat number seven is located in The Strand. You’ll want to travel towards the garden, but stop at the lookout/observation balcony to your left on the way up. Scale the right-side cliff face here and the cat will be tucked behind a tree on the corner of the cliff edge.

Cat Location #8

Finally, the eighth cat requires you to visit the Garden of Eslia. Starting from the southern end of The Strand, travel up the path to the Garden of Eslia. Keep going through the crystal tunnel and follow the path to its top. Hug the left edge here and you’ll spot two large rocky outcrops jutting up at the edge. There should be a tree on the second block, under which you’ll find the eighth cat.

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Thanks to our friends at Shacknews for use of their excellent location gifs.

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