PlayStation Now adds option to download games direct to your console

Sony's streaming service just made a huge change.

PlayStation Now, Sony's cloud streaming subscription service, has rolled out a major new feature - and it's one that fans have been requesting for a long time. Almost all of the PS4 games on the service, and the library of PS2 remastered classics, can now be downloaded onto your console's hard drive and played offline.

The features marks a shift away from PlayStation Now's original purpose as a live streaming service which allows users to play games over the internet without downloading the game itself. Games downloaded using PlayStation Now will be able to use any DLC, and microtransactions and item purchases will also carry across. If you've started playing a game by streaming, and want to switch to playing it from the hard drive, you just need to copy your save file from the PlayStation Now cloud to your console.

In what is surely a wild coincidence, the announcement comes as a major price promotion on PlayStation Now comes to an end on September 25. You've got until Tuesday to pick up a full year's access to the service for $99.99, while PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a special three-month trial sub for $29.99.

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